Fusion®: the model

Fusion's innovative integrated model was developed from 30,000 hours of client work by its originator, experienced psychotherapist Frances Masters.  It is a blend of counselling, life coaching and CBT.

INSET training for 34 teaching staff in a Bedfordshire school in September 2016 indicated a significant 50% post-training improvement in understanding of mental health.

As we learn and grow as children, we begin to develop beliefs about the world, based on our background, culture and life experiences. From this, we create a ‘model of reality’. It becomes the belief system we use to draw up an ‘internal map’ we then use to find our way in the world. It also becomes the lens through which we ‘see’ people and events. To be helpful, our model of reality needs to be positive, empowering and hopeful. 

The Fusion® model is based on the idea that human beings have physical and emotional needs; that our emotions, instincts and behaviours have evolved to push us towards getting those needs met; and that by developing mindful awareness, we make better choices and flourish so we become our 'best selves'.

Fusion®: the system

In addition to our personal model of reality, we develop systems. They become the habits of behaviour we repeat every day which, once learned, become 'automatic'; things like brushing our teeth or driving to work.

Once established, we tend not to challenge them and they become our habits and ways of thinking or being. But, it may be that some of these habitual patterns are not serving us well. They are negative, or based on outdated or unhelpful information. It's like we are running the wrong software and wondering why our computer is not working as well as it could.

The mindfulness-based STOP System™ helps us make good choices and so we respond to life’s triggers with emotional intelligence rather than react mindlessly. In this way, we are more likely to get our needs met, experience greater wellbeing and live our best lives.

Fusion®: the toolbox

Our emotions are our very best friends. It is their job to help us to get our needs met. With emotional intelligence, we can learn to be better at tuning in to the messages they send us, and use that information to mindfully respond to life’s challenges.

Neuroscience is now providing an ever-increasing understanding about the amazing human brain. With that knowledge, comes an expanding range of practical skills and tools we can all use to help regulate our emotions; to better manage our minds, our lives and our relationships. Fusion® promotes the kind of self-help, mind management tips, tools and techniques that anyone can learn.

Find out more about the model by going to http://www.integratedcoachingacademy.com/

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