Breakthrough Days for Students

I hour group sessions for schools

I facilitate group sessions for students aged 9 upwards, up to a maximum of 25 per group.

I can run this workshop for a number of groups in one day - making it an ideal choice for enrichment / inset days.  There is an accompanying booklet available for future reference. 

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The workshop teaches students the important link between psychological needs and powerful emotional drivers.

Students will learn:

The SAFE SPACE 'recipe' for happiness

The Mindfulness-based 'STOP ™ ' system for managing emotions

Key tools and skills for on-going and effective mind management

How will students benefit?

Happiness and resilience are improved, sometimes greatly

Builds better understanding of the important role of our emotions

Provides practical mindfulness techniques for day to day living

Workbook to take home to refer to later

Knowledge is power

All workshops based on the Fusion® system and brought to you by

Cindy Hancock ~ based in Northamptonshire, willing to travel

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